The Pulsar Intense Pulsed Light system is an effective ipl hair removal machine, it offers our customers an affordable entrance into introducing ipl hair removal into their salons.

We also offer attaractive rental and Hire Purchase packages for customers.

Hire purchase is the simplest form of finance outside of a personal loan.

With HP, you pay a 20% deposit upfront and then pay the rest off in monthly instalments over an agreed period.

After the last payment you own the Pulsar IPL System.

To get our Pulsar System in your salon .....

Call in or Arrange your free demonstration
Discuss finance/leasing or even rental options
Get your apporved training at your premises

Pulsar Intense Pulsed Light Purchase to include the following:

1 x Pulsar IPL System
1 x 610nm Hair removal Applicator for all skin types
1 x 550nm Photo Rejuvenation Applicator which allows you to treat the following:
1 x 590nm Large Hair removal Applicator for all skin types
1 x 2 year warranty
1 x Touch Screen system
1 X IPL goggles
1 x Footswitch
3 x Bottle gels
1 x System Training at your Salon for up to 6 people.
1 x Certificates to confirm you are authorised to use the Pulsar IPL
1 x Consent forms, Consultation forms, before & after care forms, drugs list, FAQ etc

Purchase Price = Please Contact Us for Purchasing Options

Customers can always purchase additional Applicator Handsets separately at a future date