The Pulsar Rental Scheme is ideal for Professionals that would prefer renting our Intense Pulsed Light System rather than purchasing.

Customers that enter into our rental agreement normally get up and running with our Pulsar System, they test the market in their area for IPL Treatments, normally when they are happy with the income they can achieve, some customers choose to purchase the system outright, some just prefer to continue with renting.

The beauty of this agreement is it offers our customers the flexibility in getting into IPL for very little up-front costs, you could call the agreement Rent To Buy , all monthly income received after completing one year of rental , 80% is deducted from the RRP of the Pulsar System, so even all your monthly rental costs are considered when deciding to purchase the Pulsar System.

To start the procedure of renting you will need to pay the up-front deposit, supply a copy of your Passport, Driver's License, Utility Bill and sign a simple contract agreement. When all formalities are done you can start marketing and promoting, informing all that the Pulsar Intense Pulsed Light Treatment will be available soon at these premises.

We have a selection of brochures and posters you can download to have printed by your local printers to help with your promotion.

The Rental Agreement is based on a price per flash . The Pulsar system is pre-programmed with 10,000 flashes, the system will count down from 10,000 - 0 flashes, once the system reaches 500 flashes the system will warn the Rentee that there are only 500 flashes remaining.

The Rentee will then be sent an invoice for payment ,the Rentee will then be supplied a unique code to reprogrammed the Pulsar system with a further 10,000 flashes.

The Pulsar system incorporates a facility to reprogrammed the system with additional flashes, the rentee will enter in the unique code to reprogrammed the system with a further 10,000 flashes. This method of paying per flash means that there is no additional costs to the customer for Applicator Handset servicing or pulsar System annual servicing, it is all covered in the price per flash.




Pulsar System Training normally takes place at your premises , normally training days are organised after the delivery of your new system.

The training will consist of system operation function, up keep and treatment delivery and normally takes one day.


The Applicator Handsets when first delivered are fully loaded with flashes, each Applicator Handset will require servicing after 25,000-30,000 flashes.The cost of servicing is covered by the price per flash charged in the agreement.

Unlike other systems on the market which boasts up to 50,000 flashes with no effective treatment results the Pulsar System is a very effective machine with very high enegry outputs, the Pulsar System guarantees effective treatment results, this is why we regularly service the applicators after 25,000-30,000 flashes.

It is the customers responsibility to pay the applicator delivery charge and return the applicators to us for service.