What Our Customers Say

Choosing the correct Intense Pulsed Light Machine new training programme that our Pulsar IPL team has produced to help train VTCT level 4 qualifications on the use of Pulsar Intense Pulsed Light.

Choosing the correct Intense Pulsed Light Machine for my salon was a huge undertaking. As you can imagine there are many Laser or IPL companies all suggesting that theirs is the best.
I had to shop around and do my research. It took almost two years to make that choice and I opted for what I believe in my opinion was the best system that offered me the most effective results. The reason for my choice was that the machine has far safer parameters and bigger variations in treatment application.

What this means in terms of your treatment is that the machine is as safe as it can possibly be. Plus, the machine is versatile allowing more treatments than just one, say for example hair removal. This means that I can adapt the treatment or applicator head according to your needs.
The Pulsar Intense Pulsed Light machine have proved to be a leader in their field, with salons, doctors and plastic surgeons all acclaiming to have fantastic. This is a UK designed and manufactured system, created by a team with over 20 years experience in not only the medical laser field, but also in intense pulsed light manufacture, design and engineering.

I dont normally sit down and review any products but was so impressed by the Pulsar Machine that i felt it was the correct thing to do and explain to others before they make the expensive leap into Intense Pulsed Light.

Treatment Testimonials

I was really nervous about getting the treatment as I am not good with pain control. Was amazed as I felt nothing untoward. Can truly recommend this - made me look younger and gave me more confidence. Brought the sparkle back to my eyes and a spring back in my step."
Ms E.M.

"Consultant Sam upon first meeting had very good approach, made you feel at ease and understood/ explained the products she was selling. Treatments were naturally uncomfortable and slightly painful as was to be expected but her expertise and skills I believe made this less so, as she was quick and always checked if you were okay and I truly felt she was very experienced and would recommend Pulsar Treatment at Temple Aesthetics as a bona fide beauty emporium."
Ms B.C.

"A very positive experience from start to finish. Sam makes you feel relaxed and still offer a very professional service."
Ms NK Aberdeen

"Great pain-free treatments. Very friendly and professional. Difference after treatments brilliant without being too obvious. Highly recommended."
Ms S.B.

"Lovely relaxed atmosphere. Sam was very informative and kept me at ease throughout the whole procedure. Very pleased with the results."
Ms A.B.

"Relaxing atmosphere. I was not scared and the procedure was less painful than expected. Quite a considerable difference in appearance and would have liked to have more done."
Ms M.C.

"Fantastic. I feel more confident and so much younger."
Ms C.C.

"Great treatment. Nice surrounds (sic) and excellent therapists. I had Botox ® treatment on the brow and forehead and was very happy with the results. I will definitely be coming for the same and other treatments. Thanks for a good service and great aftercare."
Ms G.W.

"A lovely treatment which left my skin supersoft and glowing. It was very relaxing and gave my face a major pick-me-up. Lovely way to rejuvenate and recharge. Well worth having. Much appreciated."
Ms C.S.

"From the time of my first appointment I was very happy with the information shared and the treatment received. The treatment itself was great and I saw a huge improvement. It's as much about how it makes you feel as it is about what others notice. I would recommend the service and have already talked to friends and family about coming along."
Ms A.D.

"I am delighted with the results of my treatments from Temple Aesthetics. Sam has worked on my face and shows a very high level of competence and care. Her evident desire to give a good professional service and her pleasure in my appreciation of the results show how involved she is with her clients…she doesn’t operate a “production line” but a personal and professional service."
Ms P.P.

Testimonial from Lucy Pinder, January 2008
I had Pulsar IPL Treatment and was delighted with my results. Cathy and the rest of the team at the Medical Aesthetic Clinic are both professional and friendly creating the perfect atmosphere for clients.
Cathy is highly experienced and ensures you are well informed about any procedure you may be considering, and that the treatment she is giving is perfectly suited to your individual needs.
I have recommended the clinic to family and friends and will continue to do so.

Testimonial from C.E, June 2008
My Consultant Dermatologist referred me to The Medical Aesthetic Clinic for treatment of some thread veins on my upper leg in 2008. The clinic is set in an historical building in Winchester and is beautifully furnished, immediately setting the patient at ease.

Cathy is extremely experienced in her work and recommended sclerotherapy as the most appropriate treatment for my condition. I felt completely confident throughout my course of treatment and was amazed at the results. The unsightly area gradually reduced to minimal redness, which is now almost invisible. The injections where not at all painful and I think this is due to Cathy's years of experience.

Cathy and her team are professional and caring I would have no hesitation in recommending them for all the cosmetic enhancements they offer.

Testimonial from P.B, January 2007
I look great for a man of my years after Cathy's expert work. She is friendly and most importantly knows how to get the best results. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to freshen their looks or like me be rid of those laughter lines that I never found funny! Thankyou.

Testimonial from C.L, January 2006
When I visited the Medical Aesthetic Clinic back in August 2005 I was in tears. Many years of unsuccesful facial hair removal treatments - electrolysis and epil pro - had left me feeling there was no possibility of an improvement. After the Pulsar Intense Pulsed Light System treatment there was a noticeable reduction in strong dark hair and now after 4 treatments the hair is no longer the problem it once was. I am so impressed and encouraged. I would wholeheartedly recommend this treatment. Thank you.

Testimonial from A.D, February 2005
Cathy is a well-learned and skilled practitioner with the ability to put her patients at ease. Her treatments are top quality and priced extremely reasonably. I would recommend the Medical Aesthetic Clinic to anybody.

Mr P - Dawlish
As a builder I was often embraced by the hair on my back while working outside in the summer, as remarks where often made, my girlfriend suggested I rang the Beresford Clinic for a course of Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal treatments, this has changed my life.

Mrs P - Topsham
Wonderful experience at the clinic, I had a course of Pulsar IPL Hair Removal which got rid of unwanted hair and did not have to worry about shaving whilst away on holiday. Very helpful and polite would definitely recommend