Pulsar makes a difference

The Pulsar Intense Pulsed Light System is designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.


Industry Leaders Aspiring for More.. With its Development headquarters set in South Wales, Pulsar is a powerful combination of quality UK development with over 16 year’s worth of experience in laser and IPL.

Combined with first class knowledge of the consumer-facing health and beauty industry, Pulsar has taken skin-care and IPL to the next level with its third generation of professional beauty machines.

Pulsar’s research and development team have obtained their technical and clinical expertise from the opto-electronics industry and is now recognised globally as one of the world's best systems.

Research is now being undertaken for new applications by leading Dermatologists in Harley Street, London and the French Dermatological Society. IPL Like No Other… Pulsar company’s mission is to make IPL treatment affordable to all, through innovative technology and applications.

The Pulsar is an Intense Pulsed Light system. Unlike standard IPL systems, it uses a novel pulse system that ensures absolutely distinct pulses with the ability to provide a number of separate sequences of light pulsing within what appears to the eye as a single flash. This has been termed APL (accumulative pulsed light) by the company and will enable more energy to be delivered to the skin with less chance of skin damage. Treatments… Pulsar IPL offers quick, effective and long term results.

All treatments are supported by over 18,000 recorded dermatological photographs and testimonials recorded by Dr. Cartier, President of the French Dermatological Society.

Our extensive range of highly successful treatments can be viewed in the Gallery section of this website. Permanent Hair Removal, on all skin types and Photo-rejuvenation can now be cost effective for all.

Our Promise to Aesthetic Centres?

  • Ø Safe and Effective Treatments
  • Ø Visible Results (see clinical photos)
  • Ø Multi Application System
  • Ø Clinically Optimised Pulsing (see graphs)
  • Ø On going clinical support
  • Ø Treatments for men and women
  • Ø User friendly system with no calculations to make
  • Ø Full training
  • Ø Full support
  • Ø Full Help with the Health Care Commission
  • Ø Shorter Treatment times (see chart )
  • Ø Cost effective treatments
  • Ø Lower treatment costs
  • Ø Compact system.
  • Ø Clinic colour matching available
  • Ø Integral Cooling
  • Ø Factory guaranteed handsets
  • Ø No middle man
  • Ø Finance Packages to suit
  • Ø Renting options to suit
  • Ø Revenue sharing
  • Ø Pre-launch help


The design team at Pulsar have been developing Medical Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photo-therapy devices since 1985. Supplying to world wide medical clinics and vanity Salons side by side due to the versatility of our products. Working largely within in the treatment areas of skin rejuvenation and Permanent Hair removal, here are some of the treatments our products offer:

Permanent Hair Removal Age spots reduction Veins (thread veins/spider veins) Wrinkle reduction Rosacea Pigmented Lesions Vascular Lesions Scar reduction Stretch Mark reduction The Pulsar system has interchangeable applicators, that are specially made for specific application. As well as developing three system variants the business has also developed the largest applicator handset treatment area in the world of 22cm2.

This size allows much faster treatment of an areas such as full legs or back and has allowed businesses to dominate their areas by competing with other systems on cost per treatment and reduced treatment time. In contrast to IPL, traditional Laser systems have disadvantages such as high cost, lower reliability and narrow purpose compared to an IPL. For a laser costing over £60,000 could do vascular treatments but only on a small area at a time.

The difference in the technology means that a wider range of treatments are available more cost effectively and to a wider market. Typical IPL end users are Beauty Therapy Salons and Private Doctor Practises. The business exclusively deals with commercial businesses only. In the UK the Care Standards Commission regulates the use of Lasers and IPL in clinics with a formal application process for registration. Both Therapists and Doctors can use the system after suitable training.

Overseas the rules are dependent on the country and can vary greatly.!