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Pulsar IPL Rental £9.00/day

Remove Skin Conditions with only one session


The Pulsar Rental Scheme is ideal for Professionals that prefer renting our Intense Pulsed Light System rather than purchasing.

The beauty of this agreement is it offers our customers the flexibility in getting into IPL for very little up-front costs, you could call the agreement Rent To Buy,

80% of the monthly income received is deducted from the RRP of the Pulsar System, even your monthly rental costs are considered when purchasing our IPL System.

To start renting your own Pulsar Intense Pulsed Light System first pay the initial deposit, sign a simple agreement and that's it.



Four Reasons why you should choose Pulsar Rental

Made In The UK

The Pulsar System is manufactured in the United Kingdom.Our Research and Development team obtained their technical/clinical expertise from over two decades of knowledge in the opto-electronics industry. We development our first IPL in 1992


Pulsar is the original developer of the 1cm2 Pointed Applicator and the largest Applicator in the world at 22cm2 offering faster treatment time.Our latest development we call Super Pulsed Light can now easily remove tattoos at an affordable cost to the client


Working with Pulsar you become a part of a highly successful team of individuals that work closely with one another, who share knowledge in treatment techniques and energy settings that work best for certain skin types, we are always there to assist and to help


Coupling the Pulsar IPL System to our world's largest Applicator Head will dramatically and effectively reduce treatment time on larger body areas, this offers your business a massive advantage over your competitors and vastly improves on your competitiveness.

Pulsar Silk Rental System

Pulsar Silk Intense Pulsed light Rental

Futuristic Design

The Pulsar Silk System is our latest upright model. It offers a sleek , futuristic look to any salon enviroment large or small

Select Skin Type and Press Treat

The system is fitted with an easy to operate touch screen interface with under two second shot repetition which allows for much faster treatments resulting in more income and profits

Renting Made Easy

Renting your very own Pulsar Desktop System is simple ,you pay the initial deposit, and we will deliver your system within two weeks, Click Here  to download the rental agreement

World's Largest Applicator

Coupling the Pulsar IPL System to our world's Lspan>argest Applicator Treatment Head will dramatically and effectively reduce the treatment time on larger body areas, this offers your business a massive advantage over any of your competitors.

If space within your establishment is an issue you may prefer our Pulsar Desktop System, it only measures 400mm x 480mm x 460mm
It offers a huge benefit for salon owners with a chain of salons. The Desktop systems offers salon owners quick and easy relocation to other salon locations.
This minimises the initial capital investment and allows each salon the share on one system .The salon can then develop its own clientele base using the shared system and further invest in more systems at a later date.
The system is ideally suited for our Rental market due to its ease of handling its Inovative and all British made.

The Pulsar Intense Pulsed Light application is preceded with a consultation to decides whether IPL Pulsar is an appropriate treatment for the client.The treatment area is covered with cooling jell. The application head is applied systematicaly all over the treated area. All that is felt by the client is a pleasant warmth.Pulsar Intense Pulsed Light needs far fewer treatments compared to laser and other IPL Systems on the market, In order to achieve the desired effects only 1-2 treatments (e.g. pigmented lesions), or 3-5 treatments are required (rejuvenization, permanent hair removal).